i am a lifetime Traveler

i am a lifetime traveler

Hi, there..my name is Herry a lifetime traveler and now I stay in Yogyakarta,a beautiful small city in Central Java

and as a lifetime traveler, I always moving around from one place to another

but if you visit Indonesia one day, maybe you can comeover and we can meet and I will show you many beautiful places around my city or any information about Indonesia.

Indonesia is a beautiful country that has many to offer, from beaches, mountains, cuisine, culture, and traditions
Indonesian people are friendly people they like to meet foreigners and are easy to befriend.

Indonesia is also cheap in living costs so you will feel like in heaven because everything looks so cheap and affordable for you.

From west to east, from the island of Java to Papua, you will see many wonders in Indonesia.
something that you have never seen before you will find in Indonesia

so what are you waiting for? why do you not just pack your bag and fly to Indonesia?
Indonesia is ready to reopen the border for tourists
we welcome you back..

feel free to contact me on my Instagram @lonelytraveler750

Thank you for dropping by..

Any questions, or inquiries? Let’s talk.

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