Indonesia Tourism popular destinations


Indonesia Tourism popular destinations

Indonesia tourism popular destinations the Experience a Unique Tropical Paradise

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Indonesian tourism popular destinations is about all the places that yous should visit during your trip to indonesia

Planning a holiday trip to Indonesia tourism popular destinations and visit Indonesia is a marvelous thing to do.

The country is like no other country in many ways. It is an archipelago that houses a widely diverse culture for everyone to experience.

It is easy to find a completely different place in an Indonesian region from another area in it.And indonesian tourism destinations will give you detail information.

Therefore, it is reasonable to say that visiting Indonesia is like experiencing more than one country at once.

Indonesian tourism destinations is so complete.There are too many places to enjoy in a short trip to this tropical country.

It is best to have a long holiday journey to get an authentic vibe in this warm and welcoming country.

Indonesia tourism popular  destinations- the Tropical Feast of Bali

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It is quite a shame that some foreign tourists are not aware that Bali is a part of Indonesia.

Most of them only visit Bali instead of planning to visit Indonesia entirely.Meanwhile Indonesian tourism destinations provides many beautiful touist attractions

It is reasonable because Bali is a popular destination for a long time already.

The island is among the best spots to travel in the Far East region of the world.

It has a lot of beaches to explore alongside its rich cultural traditions of the locals. Bali is more than just a holiday destination for sure.

Indonesia tourism popular  destinations- the Humble Welcome of Yogyakarta

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Another nice part of the country to visit indonesia is Yogyakarta.

This region is a place to seek rich traditional forms of many things.

Local arts and cultures there are unlike anywhere else in Indonesia.

More importantly, the city is considered a low-budget destination to visit by tourists.

Furthermore, the culinary delights of the region are among the best parts of it to experience.

It is easy to find videos on YouTube that show how delightful and enjoyable a trip to Yogyakarta is for foreign tourists.

Indonesia tourism popular destinations- the Fast-Paced City of Jakarta

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It is not an official tour to visit Indonesia without experiencing Jakarta.

This city is the capital of the country and the most populated place in it.

Strangely, it has its attractive appeals that invite more people to come to the city over time

It is the center of everything in Indonesia that makes it full of government buildings and facilities.

Nevertheless, there are many inviting spots to visit as well.

It has some colonial buildings that remain in use for today’s businesses.

The Kota Tua is one of the best spots to hang out and spends a bit of time in Jakarta.

Indonesia Tourism popular destinations,all about Indonesia

Indonesia tourism destiantions,understanding All about Indonesia in Brief

This article informs you all about Indonesia. Having 17,000 islands scattered from the Asia mainland to Australia makes Indonesia well known.

Indonesia is rich in ethnic and cultural diversity. Additionally, you may experience its beautiful natural difference.

The below guidance can be helpful for you before you go.

What do you know about indonesia?

All about Indonesia Travel Facts

Indonesia provides you with its great size that is over 5200 km.

The archipelago covers most of the ground, including the 17,000 islands.

Located between Asia and Australia allows you with diversity.

Its heterogeneity makes you astonish. With over 255 million in population, it has numerous languages and dialects spoken.

records over 500 languages as well as dialects across the islands.

Aside from that, Indonesia also offers you various wildlife. Its biodiversity is more than just impressive.

You can enjoy the variety of plants and animal species here.

Besides, Indonesia offers you several volcanoes. Most of them are available to hike. You can wait to see a beautiful sunrise there.

Its width area also enables the people to be main suppliers from some products.

Nature makes people earn some commodities, such as coffee, cocoa, rubber, palm oil, etc.

Things to See and Do

Reading the above explanation enriches you with some destinations across the country.

You have to spend more time exploring the islands, from the biggest to the smallest islands.

However, you can narrow it down into some places. You may browse the best destinations to visit in Indonesia.

The diversity will make you wonder which island you have to explore.

Some islands are well known for travelers. One of them is Bali that becomes a magnet for travelers.

This island serves you with charms and beauty.

The most popular destination in Bali is its rice terrace.

Although most travelers do not want to miss it, they also spend time visiting the beaches.

It allows you to choose between white sand or black sand beaches.

Another island is popular too. The location that is closer to Bali makes the Gilis well known.

You can select among three islands, that is Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno.

Gili islands are ringed with amazing white sand beaches. It lets you enjoy the natural coral reefs by snorkeling or diving.

Java island is nice to visit too. This island is bigger than the other two.

If you like to hike a volcano, there are many spots that you can select here.

5 Summary about Indonesia tourism destinations

  •  The largest country in South east Asia
  •  The Archipelago country
  •  The biggest Moslem population in the world.
  •  More than 17,000 islands,
  • Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra and Papua are the main islands in Indonesia.

The diversity in Indonesia

Indonesian is very diverse because indonesian citizens are estimated to reach 270 million people and have multi ethnicities, Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world after China, India and America.

Ethnicities in Indonesia

there are 300 ethnic groups, such as Javanese, Sundanese, Batak, Chinese, Dayak and Papuan etc. Each tribe has their own dialect. totally there are more than 360 dialects that enrich Indonesian culture.Bahasa Indonesia is the Main language that unite Indonesia

Indonesian people speak English

English as an international language also often used in’s very commons as the primary school curriculum in Indonesia and also as the language of business but even so some of indonesian people can speak some others languages such French,German,Dutch and Spanish and nowdays even many  Indonesian youth speaks Mandarin and Japanese.

The religion of Indonesian people

Indonesia has pluralism in religious life. the biggest population is Muslim (80% ). and the other around 20% of Indonesian society  divided into several religious groups such as Roman Catholic, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist.

The most Popular small islands in Indonesia

Indonesia also has small islands such as Bali, Karimunjawa, Gili and Lombok which are both local and international tourist destinations. The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta, which is located on the island of Java.

The best time to visit indonesia

The best time to visit Indonesia is during the summer which lasts from April to October because the weather in Indonesia can be erratic


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