Java tourism guide to Java the land of culture

Java tourism Travel Guide Java Island: Itinerary and Advice

Java tourism -Travel guide Java Island helps you to experience your ultimate holidays.

From west to east, this island provides you with various undiscovered places.Its larger size makes it rich with multiple destinations.

Getting around this island is easy. You can get options of transportations from air to land.

Enrich yourself with some information before visiting the places.

Java tourism -Itinerary for Travel Guide Java Island from East side

The best part to visit this island in java tourism is from the central.

If you arrive in Bali, you can take a one-hour flight from there.

Then,in java tourism you will land in Central Java or Yogyakarta to see the marvelous temple, Borobudur.

Spend your first day exploring this Buddist temple. Start your journey here and choose the morning time.

After that, you can continue to explore the old city and silver works.

Compared to Central Java, Yogyakarta is a relatively small area.

However, this city is well-known amongs travelers, whether local or international.

In the evening, you can off to visit another temple.

Located in the east of Yogyakarta, the Prambanan temple is as great as the Borobudur temple.

You can enjoy and learn about its historical background. Overnight in this city and continue your journey the following day.

Another trip to the East

On the nexts day, you can take a train to another city. After Yogyakarta, you can go to Malang. There are many train options, from the most expensive to the cheapest.

It takes around 8 hours to go by train. Once you arrive, you can explore the city for a while.

Then, you can take a bus to reach Ngadisari, where you can hike Mount Bromo from here.

The best time to visit Mt Bromo is in the early morning. After witnessing its beautiful sunrise, you can return to Bali or continue to Banyuwangi.

Most visitors spend their extra time hiking mount Ijen in Banyuwangi.

Things to Bring for Java Island Trip

Prepare yourself with a sarong and comfortable sneakers.

You have to wear a sarong to enter both temples.

Additionally, you should take a hat and use your sun cream before you are here.

For the hiking journey, you must bring your warm clothes.

Do not forget to bring a flashlight too. However, it is also available to rent both a jacket and flashlight while you reach Bromo or Ijen.

You had better not carry a lot of stuff in your backpack. Of course, you must take your camera with you to capture wonderful moments.

why you must visit Java island

Most visitors suggest why you must visit Java Island.

Start from the west area of Java Island, where you can see Jakarta.

The island also offers you its beautiful destination in the eastern part.

There are various fantastic places in Java. It takes you an estimated eight days to visit this island.

Here are some considerations to travel here.

The Reason Why You Must Visit Java Island

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Most areas are covered with buildings.

However, you can enjoy several attractive destinations in this city too.

You can begin with seeing the old city. The historical background enables you to enjoy some Dutch-style buildings.

there is Fatahillah Square, where local people spend their weekends here.

Some buildings become museums that are available to visit by the public. Yet, these museums are closed on Monday.

From West side to Central

When you arrive and visit Indonesia from jakarta then explored Jakarta and some part of West Java Then, continue your trip to the central part of Java.

It takes you to Yogyakarta to visit temples and the royal palace. Both are popular amongst local or international visitors.

Borobudur and Prambanan 

The temples are great as a place to enjoy the dawn or dusk.

It is better to watch the sunrise in Borobudur temple and the sunset in Prambanan temple.

Besides, spend your most precious time strolling around each temple.

The Royal Palace

The royal palace of Yogyakarta is also worth visiting. The place is situated in a historical complex. Visit the royal baths while you are here.

Bromo and Ijen

The east part is suitable for you who like hiking. Two volcanoes located here are well-known over visitors. They are mount Bromo and Ijen.

Mount Bromo is easier to hike than mount Ijen. Its panoramic beauty is reachable by jeep. View the whole of Tengger caldera and capture it.

In mount Ijen, you can view the blue flames from the crater. However, you have to take an early morning hike to reach this spot

Best Time to Visit Java Island

It is better to visit Java during the dry season. This best time can be around May to August. No rain during this month, and the humidity is less too.

It is recommended to hike the volcanoes at this time. The reason is because the soil is dry and safe for you for hiking. Besides, the weather is warmer

Yet, you have to be ready with the price. Traveling during this month can spend much of your money. If hiking the volcanoes becomes your main plan, you should avoid the wettest time

All you need to know about Java

Java is one of the biggest island in Indonesia With a population of approximately 160 million

Visit Indonesia from West side

When you visit Indonesia for the first time you will land in Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta

you can explore all Java island start from West Java  then continue to central java and finally straight to East Java as the edge of Java island.

you can go by train,bus,car or by plane if your time is limited

The beauty of Java 

You will be amazed by the beauty of Java Island because there are hundreds beautiful spot in Java,you can go to the mountain,beach,waterfall,crater,hotspring,temple and many more

30 days trip in indonesia,is it enough?

Actually its not enough if you have only 30 days even just to explore West Java,so you have to really concern when you arrange your itinerary to visit indonesia,but you dont need to worry because i will guide you and show you the places you should visit in 30 days

The Diversity in Java island

Java island have a lots of diversity so it will enrich your experience because every time you visit a new place you will find something new,for example :


  • West Java speaks Sundanese
  • Central Java speaks Javanese
  • East Java also speaks Javanese


the differences taste of foods

  • West Java and Yogyakarta : Sweet and Spicy
  • Central Java : Tasteful and Spicy
  • East Java      :  Salty and Spicy


  • West Java : Polite and gentle when they talk
  • Central Java : Polite and full of manner
  • East Java : they speaks little bit harshly and straigt to the point but actually they are good people


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