The beautiful ancient lake in North Sumatra

Lake Toba the beautiful ancient lake in North Sumatra-An ancient Beautiful Lake 

Okay guys, after previously we visited Bukit Lawang to see Orangutans

Now we are visiting Lake Toba the beautiful ancient lake in North Sumatra

Lake Toba is a large natural lake in Indonesia and it’s an ancient lake

And has a length of 100 kilometers, a width of 30 kilometers, and a depth of 505 meters

Located in the middle of the northern part of Sumatra island

 The beautiful ancient lake in North Sumatra – popular tourist destination 

In recent years, Lake Toba in North Sumatra has become very popular.

As the best tourist destination in the world.

And not without reason,

Because the natural beauty of Lake Toba is unquestionable.

And by the way if you are on vacation in Toba lake..

You can at the same time visit several other beautiful places.

The beauty of an Ancient Lake

Lake Toba is a very amazing natural wonder.

This lake is thought to have been formed from the violent eruption of a volcano.

Mount Toba, which occurred about 74,000 years ago.

Lake Toba is actually more like an ocean than a lake.

Because Lake Toba is very large.

In the middle of the largest volcanic lake in the world

There is also an island that is quite large, namely Samosir Island.

 The beautiful ancient lake in North Sumatra -5 facts about Lake Toba 

  1. The largest caldera lake in the world
  2. Lake Toba used to be is Mount Toba
  3. Formed from 3 major eruptions of Mount Toba
  4. There are dozens of waterfalls around Lake Toba
  5. There are 5 volcanic islands in Lake Toba

Tourist attractions around Lake Toba

1. The beautiful ancient lake in North Sumatra- Siadtaratas Hill

Siadtaratas hill is very instragramable place

So you can take many beautiful picture there

you can built your tent and camping in Siadtaratas hill

However, the path is quite extreme and small

But It doesn’t matter.

Because your struggle will pay off when you reach Siadtaratas Hill.

2. The beautiful ancient lake in North Sumatra- Holbung Samosir Hill

The attraction of Holbung Hill is the combination of the charm of Lake Toba.

Beautiful hills with beautiful weeds.

Holbung Hill Tourism offers an instagrammable and cute photo spot.

In addition..

To enjoying the beauty of Holbung Hill..

You can also enjoy the cool air

So you will feel so comfortable and don’t wanna go home

3. The beautiful ancient lake in North Sumatra-Situmurun Waterfall

Situmurun Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls

That you can find around Lake Toba

The water that directly plunges into the lake is one of its uniqueness

You Take a motorboat

If you want to visit and witness the uniqueness of this Situmurun Waterfall

4. Lake Toba the beautiful ancient lake in North Sumatra-Simarjarunjung Hill

Simarjarunjung Hill is perfect for those of you who claim as the Milleneal kids

There are many beautiful photo spots that you can use

Among them are extreme swing spots, footbridges, love-shaped flowers, and many others.

5. Sleep Elephant Hill

As the name implies

it is called sleep Elephant Hill because it looks like a sleeping elephant.

One of the most coveted charms of Sleep Elephant Hill is the beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

You can also camp to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery from the top of the hill.

And watch the sparkling stars at night.

6. Geosite Sipinsur

This place offers cool air and the area is full of pine trees.

When you get here..

You want to quickly capture the moment to take pictures with the background of Lake Toba.

Moreover, the atmosphere here is very cool.

Nowadays, the Sipinsur Geosite tour has become trending.

Because the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo and first lady Iriana took the time to come here.

7. Efrata Waterfall

Efrata Waterfall has its own uniqueness

Because a wide and very natural waterfall.

Efrata Waterfall offers coolness and fresh air

Perfect for you to take a break from your routine

8. Pusuk Buhit Mountain

Pusuk Buhit height reaches 1,077 meters above the lake surface.

The atmosphere is cool, because it is at an altitude.

You can camping and built a tent.

Because the natural charm at night feels more serene.

The beautiful sprinkling of stars becomes a natural light throughout the night.

9. Paropo

Paropo Tour on Lake Toba.

One of the favorite tours in North Sumatra

You can Camping and enjoying the lake water

It will be a fun activity when you visit Paropo

10. Dolok Nauli Park

If you want a calmer, cooler view.

And you can walk down the hill and reach the edge of the lake

Dolok Nauli Park can be the right alternative.

In addition to offering beautiful scenery

You can enjoy the calming charm of pine trees.

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