Why we made this blog

why we made this blog

Hi, we made this blog because the beauty of Indonesia inspires me

The beauty of nature, the warm welcome of the people and the delights of Indonesian cuisine.

Hopefully, my story can be useful for anyone who wants to visit Indonesia.

i will give you many information that you need and may be useful for you when you travel in Indonesia

I will complete any information that maybe I haven’t written before to improve my blog and to give you any idea about where is the place or what kind of foods you want to try ( if you like culinary )

On my website, I will try to show you every place and culture about Indonesia even some of the history of Indonesia and the Indonesian language

About Indonesia

As you know indonesia is a big country and have thousands island that have many beautiful gems inside

Indonesia also have thousands of different languages that enrich this beautiful country with with any different culture.

this country has a very beautiful nature from volcanoes, hundreds of beaches scattered throughout the island, rice fields, and rivers

Indonesia also has cultural diversity based on religion so you will find many religious events packed into performances.

You can also see the history of Indonesia in the past through relics in the form of temples and shrines.

and if you like things that are supernatural, you will also find it here.So whatever you are looking for and want you will find in Indonesia.

So what are you waiting for? Indonesia has opened its doors for tourism again.

pack your bag and  buy tickets soon then enjoy your new adventure in Indonesia

We are waiting for you to comeback again or if you are the first time visit Indonesia we like to say ” Welcome to Indonesia”

Happy traveling mate, cheers!!